Project Description

Beau Randall Albums


Beau Randall came to Barking Frog with a neat problem. Over his 25 years in the music industry he had recorded a multitude of songs with varying artists ranging from POP, Rock to Folk.

We needed to create 5 Album covers where each design was to the style of music, as well, worked together as all were the same artists. We did this by having a large image in the background and a wordmark in front. This allowed us to choose images that worked with the music and build a wordmark specific to the album.

Lets Make Love & Life is a Miracle were large discs combining all the songs.
The Original – Folk Music
POP – Pop music
Save The Music – Rock Music

Beau Randall Albums together
Beau Randall Lets Make Love
Beau Randall Album - Lets Make Love 2
Beau Randall Life is a Miracle
Beau Randall Album - Life is a miracle 2
Beau Randall Save The Music
Beau Randall Album - Save The Music 2
Beau Randall The Original
Beau Randall Album - The Original2
Beau Randall POP
Beau Randall Album - POP2