Project Description

Mana Pool


Mana Pool is a Toronto based games cafe. They were opening their cafe and needed branding and internal artwork. Mana is a type of health bar within the gaming world that can be replenished at a Mana Pool. The concept for their cafe was to open a place where clients can come and relax with good food and an enjoyable atmosphere.

We first took the basic element colours of Mana as blue and red. Mana also, within games, is usually represented by chemistry beakers. Creating the illustration from that we were able to insert that into the title Mana Pool and have a simple clean logo that also had icons that could be used throughout the store. Next was a couple posters to line the walls, we created custom Mana Pool posters, each with a focus on specific board games from Catan to Magic.

The main counter we decided to build a mural using Magic Cards moving from black to white.

Mana Pool Poster 1
Mana Pool Logo
Mana Pool Icons
Mana Pool logo versions
Mana Pool Merch
Mana Pool Counter
Mana Pool posters
Mana Pool inside counter
Mana Pool inside poster