Project Description



Sportspateria is a park and beach game created in Toronto. Sportspateria is played on a 20’ x 20’ court split into 4 equal squares. One person stands in each square. After the ball is served, it must never land in your square – and it must always travel in an arc. If it lands in your square, or you hit it out of bounds or you spike it, you are given a penalty point – but you also get the next serve. If you get 10 penalty points, you are out of the game and must do the “serve of shame” The game continues until only one player is left.

Our job was to create a brand that took the fun retro style of a foursquare beach game into the modern era. We also needed to create a kickstarter video campaign to launch the product, while also developing the paddles and court.

To develop the paddles we used 1/4″ birch plywood, laser cut the paddles and lasered the logo onto the paddles. The courts needed to be able to be set up and torn down easily. We did this by using large O rings at each 10′ interval allowing for the easy set up of the court. Each ball is a medium density foam that bounces well off of wooden paddles.

The final product is packaged into a cotton drawstring backpack so the user can bring their Sportspateria Kit anywhere they want to play the game.

Sportspateria Bag
Sportspateria Kit
Sportspateria Paddle
Sportspateria Logo
Sportspateria icon
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